Dick Rice, Watonga
interviewed by Frank Beneda
June 2, 1973

Dick Rice was born in Augusta, Kansas.  His folks traveled to Faye in a covered wagon in November of 1908 when Dick was 6 years old.    His mother’s brothers were already located here and they had a bumper crop of corn in 1907.  Dick tells that they thought they were coming to the Promised Land.


He tells of their first night in this area.  They camped out east of Watonga before traveling on to Faye the next day.  That night was filled with fears and anxieties as they dodged a prairie fire and then later had to take cover from a terrible wind storm.  He called it their ‘initiation to Watonga’.


You can hear all of Frank Beneda’s interview with Dick Rice at the Watonga Public Library or you can buy the tape at the Oklahoma Historical Society by calling (405) 522-0689.

These recordings are part of an oral history program called Living Legends sponsored by the Oklahoma Historical Society.


Dick Rice talks about going to school: (3 minutes)


Dick Rice talks about changes at the Y: (1 minute)


Dick Rice talks about rustlers and murders: (2 minutes)