The Watonga Demonstration Club was organized November 20, 1030. The first meeting was held at the home of Mrs. R. A. Greene and the following officers were elected; President Mrs. L. H. Horsley, Vice-President Mrs. C. J. Dailey, Secretary Mrs. R. A. Greene. Eight members were present the charter members were Mrs. R. A. Greene, mrs. C. J. Dailey, Mrs. L. H. Horsley, Mrs. A. I. Young, Mrs. George Smith, Mrs. W. F. Bridgford, Mrs. L. C. Matli and Mrs. Ira Greene. Miss Ola Armstrong was the Home Demonstration Agent at that time. The Club met twice each month the second and fourth Fridays. Our membership increased to twenty-six before the first year was passed.
The second year Mrs. L. C. Matli was elected president and the club chose the care of the Highland Cemetery as our Community Project.

In 1934 the club exhibited at our first flower and vegetable show winning several prizes. The club took part in all flower and vegetable shows held from that date. Some of the members took part in the style reviews held.

In 1943 the meeting days were changed to Wednesday instead of Friday. One of the club members, Mrs. R. A. Greene won the garden contest in the Northwest district in 1931.

The club cared for the Highland Cemetery as their community project until 1940 then the club sponsored Community entertainment. The programs and entertainment begin held at the Bridgford School. The club exhibited a canning budget every year but one from 1930 to 1953.

Two members from the club served as County presidents.

The club served the community be helping tornado stricken families, giving numerous showers for brides, expectant mothers and gifts to families over seas. One of the charter members Mrs. W. F. Bridgford had a perfect attendance for six years.

The club entered a float in the Pioneer Day parades and won first prize five times.

Since 1946 the Club has sponsored the 4H Club of Bridgford School, giving help in their work, picnics and entertainment at the community center. Donations have been made to the county 4H organization also to the Heart Fund, Christmas seals, March of Dimes and Bennett Memorial. Name plates were secured for the people of the community for their mail boxes.

The Club holds a community meeting or entertainment once each month, the club members furnishing refreshments. Furnishing for the Club house have been donated or bought by the Club.

The present membership is nineteen and the enrollment has never dropped below sixteen.

Watonga Club Projects for 1953

The Watonga Home Demonstration Club project in 1953 was community entertainment. The club now has a community club house that was formerly the Bridgeford School House. Community gatherings are held the last Friday in each month in the evening. Everyone in the surrounding communities are invited. This includes four school districts. Any others that wish to attend may do so. Special guests are often invited. The evening is spent in visiting, playing cards or games. At the close of the party, refreshments are served by the club.

The club is divided into three groups, six in a group. The groups take turns serving as hostesses. They furnish the refreshments and make all preparations for the evening. The club held special gatherings at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many people of the community make small donations at these parties. This helps pay some of our electric bills. We have secured some more neighborliness in the neighborhood.

It brings the people together which otherwise would not come in contact with each other. It makes people feel that they still have an interest in the school districts, even though there is no school held there now. Our clubs achievement is the better and closer community feeling n our neighborhood.

President Mrs. Bill Bernhardt
VP, Mrs. Louis Matli
Sec, Mrs. A. L. Tonkinson, when she moved to Calif.
Mrs. C. R. Driever took her place