Victory Homemakers Club

Our projects for the year were teen-town and 4H Club Work. A pancake supper was held and the proceeds were turned to the teen-town committee for their recreation room. We gave awards to the Watonga HIgh 4Hers who completed their projects and made an exhibit. We subscribed to the National 4H News and invited members to give speeches and demonstrations at our meetings and we went in a group to one of their meetings.

We helped the 4H Club serve refreshments at the County Poultry School that they were host to. We held a sewing school for our members and invited the 4H girls. We served one banquet and a fat-stock show to replenish our treasure. WE took our turn serving at the fair and turned our money back to the kitchen fund. We also sold flour to help buy new equipment for the kitchen. The dress review at Okeene was attended by several members and 12 garments were styled. We contributed to all charities, fixed 5 baskets for needy families at Christmas time and made dolls for needy children. We held our family parties for our recreation which were enjoyed by all. During the year 12 guests attended our meetings and we welcomed 4 new members.

Victory Homemakers, Watonga Mrs. Parker, President

1953 Report

A summary of the accomplishments of the club include six family parties and picnics, an addition to the annual picnic given for the Watonga 4H Club. Several members enjoyed the educational tour of OKC.

During the year, we invited 4H Club girls to club meetings. They gave team demonstrations and timely topics which brought our members in close contact and we learned the value of 4H work. Our club gave to the 4H Club.

The club donated to all the charity drives, we also, gave a new electric iron to the IOA Ranch at Perkins, Oklahoma.

To make money during the year, we served a large banquet, and two farm sales.

Several of our members take an active part in the PTA and 4H Club Work.

Club Officers

Pres, Mrs. John Chilcott
VP, Mrs. Cal Duggan
Sec, Mrs. Floyd Edsall
Rep, Mrs. W. E. Poarch
Mrs. Woodrow Beck
Mrs. Everett Bradford
Mrs. Joyce Hessel
Mrs. Harry Knisley
Mrs. Harry Myers
Mrs. Cecil Parker
Mrs. W. E. Poarch
Mrs. Paul Roark
Mrs. Harry Strahan
Mrs. Homer Taylor
Mrs. Robert Whistler
Navina Whistler
Mrs. Floyd Crosley
Mrs. Myra Harrit
Mrs. Cap Bradford
Mrs. Glenn Fetters
Mrs. Jeff Gorman
Mary Lynn Guerney