Valley Homemakers Club
History of The Valley Homemakers Home Demonstration Club
Valley Homemakers,
Officers, 1955

1. President - Mrs. Kate Smith
2. Vice-President - Mrs. T. E. Barron
3. Secretary - Mrs. Carl Nelson
4. Treasurer - Mrs. Wayne Phillips
5. Reporter - Mrs. Geo. Bomhoff
6. H.D.Agent - Mrs. Maudie Firebaugh

Club members and children
Valley Homemakers' Achievements of 1955
1. A Community Party each month
2. Sold 50 Garden Gimmick books at $1.00
3. Sold 25 2lb. sacks of flour to help with the county exhibit building.
4. Each member made a tea towel for our clubhouse.
5. Basket dinner to celebrate 10th anniversary. All former members invited.

Members and guests at National Home Demonstration Meeting
Valley Homemakers Community Project

Members taking the merry-go-round apart

6. Sent Christmas packages to boys in service.
7. Sent Christmas box to Crippled Children's Hospital. Sent them Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Sent them a miscellaneous box in June.
8. Had an exchange of cookies and recipes at Christmas meeting.
9. Donated to March of Dimes; Geary cemetery. Helped raise money for cancer drive program by performing a Kitchen Band.
10. Served a Ground Hog Supper to the Chamber of Commerce.

The husbands of members finishing fixing the merry-go-round
The men setting out cedar trees around the club house yard
11. Repaired servings slide; see saw and Merry Go Round at Club House. Painted tables and put up another yards light.
12. 14 members entered in the County Dress Revue.
13. A food sale in July netted the club $20.26.
14. For National Home Demonstrations week, had a program with the Go-Forth Club. It was open to the public.
15. President attended Farm and Home Congress and gave report.

16. 2 demonstrations given each month.
17. Helped with County Fair concession stand, part of proceeds went toward Co. Fair Kitchen.
18. Served lunch at a Public Sale at R. G. Seotts. Proceeds $50.26.
19. Went as a group to Oklahoma City to W.K.Y, T.V. A member, Mrs. Carl Nelson, gave a demonstration on T.V.
20. Club members' husbands entertained the ladies, April 2nd, with a supper-with Easter motif.

21. Observed achievement day with a 1 o'clock luncheon; Good Cheer and Go Forth Club guests.
22. Mothers Guest Day with 14" Queens for a day as guests.
23. On March 22, 7 members attended the County Council meeting. President and Vice.


The history of any organization is in substance a record of the achievements and accomplishments of ideals and dreams that have had a lasting influence in building and developing the community where it functions and have helped to make a more wholesome and happier place in which to live.

With this thought in mind I here undertake to review the activities of the Valley Homemakers Home Demonstration Club which is fast approaching a decade of existence.

During the course of the year ten others joined making our membership a total of fifteen. Eleven of those have remained members throughout the years. The first year proved to a busy one under the leadership of these officers; President, Mrs. Emil Girard; Vice-President, Mrs. W. W. Phillips; Secretary, Mrs. W. M. Hanks; Treasurer, Mrs. Cleo Critchfield; and Report, Mrs. Loy Marler.

Many activities of the first two years were destined to become enjoyable annual affairs and will be traditions for the tomorrows ahead. Some of these are the Homemade Valentine Exchange, White Elephant Sale, Family Parties such as the annual ice cream social and the family Christmas party with the tree and 10 cent gift exchange. Attendance at these family parties has grown to be a must on the schedule of all club members and their families.

Throughout the years the club has held a high standard of lessons and demonstrations. Its members have participated consistently in the loal and county fairs always taking their share of ribbons and prizes. For the past three consecutive years the Valley Homemakers have won the special prize offered by the Geary Chamber of Commerce for the most blue ribbons of any organization. This prize in turn has been donated toward some worthy cause such as the emergency polio fund.

Annual contributions have been made regularly to many of the worthwhile community and national projects such as American Red Cross, Cancer Research, March of Dimes and TB Bonds, 4H Leaders' Association, Geary Cemetery fund, Crippled Children's Hospital, and Camp and Hospital for Veterans. On many occasions when distress was recognized within our reach the club has willingly and gladly stepped forward with a helping hand. A local polio victim was remembered and a victim of a gasoline explosion was helped financially on hospital bills. Tornado victims of the Woodward area were helped by cash and clothing donations. Service boys have been remembered each year with Christmas boxes.

In addition to the 4H Leaders' contribution the 4H Clubs have been encouraged with several parties, financial assistance on tours and pins were presented for record books. Our club has the distinction of having an Honorary Life Member of Oklahoma 4H Clubs in the person of Mrs. Kate Smith.

That our club has leadership of the highest type is evident by the fact that among the membership we have two past County Presidents, three past County Treasurers and at the present time Mrs. Cleo Critchfield is serving as County Song leader. Members have served regularly on County committees. County, District and State Councils are usually well attended by delegates and also the planned tours set up by the county council.

The club has always had at least one or more delegates to the Farm and Home Conference in Stillwater each year. The members attended the National Home Demonstration Council in East Lansing, Michigan in 1951. Mrs. Emil Girard was an official county delegate to this national affair.

A high school graduate was selected for the A and M Scholarship Award each year these were offered by the club. Four in all were issued.

Community projects have been supported wholeheartedly by the club membership. Briefly summarized are some of the accomplishments from chosen projects. A total of 531 articles were sent to various camps and veterans' hospitals; a Monthly Community Sing was held one year; a picnic table and seats were erected and are still maintained in Geary Free Park; 242 mailboxes on two rural routes out of Geary were painted and owners names printed on them by the members of the club; a $100 water tank was donated to the Geary Grade School Hot lunch program; and Without debate the greatest undertaking ever assumed by the club was in the year 1950 when the purchase of an abandoned schoolhouse touched off a gigantic operation. The old building was razed and useable material was moved to the new location. The task of constructing the new 32' x 52' tile building got underway on February 28, 1960 and the dedication program and ceremonies were held on July 23, 1950. An estimated total cost of the building as it stands is $2500 and no one dares to try to estimate the total man-hours of labor that has been donated by the husbands and friends of the club members.

The financial load for erecting this building was no small item. Numerous cash donations were made by the club families, their friends and many of the business firms of Geary. Other means of raising money were food sales, lunch at farm sales, pie and coffee sales, box suppers, benefit programs, dinners to organizations, etc. Approximately $425 was cleared when the members and their husbands pitched a 40' x 40' tent at the scene of the Goodman Foxhound Field Trials nearby and served meals and short orders day and night for a period of four days. This kitchen was complete with Butane stoves, electric refrigerators, a deep freeze and other essential equipment.

The completion of all these undertakings is proof of the clubs ability to assume responsibilities, accept the challenge, surmount the obstacles and reap the reward of satisfaction for the job well done. This building and play ground area is the scene of much merriment and is of service to the community in many ways.

March 17 for past two years has been given over to the men who entertain their wives at a St. Patrick's party. The men prepare and serve a dinner then follow up with the dishwashing chores and the entertainment. This is one occasion that is thoroughly enjoyed by the club membership.

A visit by the Geary Chamber of Commerce has become an anticipated annual affair. The club serves dinner and furnishes the entertainment to this group of civic workers and their wives sometimes close to Home Demonstration Club Week. Observance of this week is further made by a window display.

No year is complete until reports are in and Achievement Day is observed. This day is usually a festive affair with many guests. On this day recognition is given to members for outstanding accomplishments. Members with perfect attendance are recognized. The club now has one member who is on her fourth consecutive year of perfect attendance.

These years with all of their tasks, problems, pleasures and accomplishments have not gone by without bringing sadness to the hearts of the members. Two members have passed from our midst into the great beyond to receive the greatest of all rewards for work well done. In the year 1948 Mrs. Edith Everist and Mrs. Esther Goodin passed away.

As another year slips into the past and becomes history I would offer a silent and earnest prayer for continued Achievements ad growth in membership. Let us always rejoice in the success of each year. May we profit by our mistakes and build for the future in harmony and in the strength for every task before us.

Past Presidents
Mrs. Emil Girard
Mrs. W. W. Phillips
Mrs. W. M. Hanks
Mrs. Cleo Critchfield
Mrs. A. L. Goode
Mrs. Emil Girard
Mrs. Will Hoffman
Mrs. Curtis Hudson
Mrs. W. M. Hanks
Mrs. John Coble
Mrs. Loy Marler
Mrs. Herb Critchfield
Mrs. Ray Forehand
Year of Service
1949 (first half)
1949 (last half)
1950 (first half)
1950 (one meeting)
1950 (last half)
1951 (nine months)
1951 (three months)

Perfect Attendance Records
Mrs. Kate Smith
Mrs. W. M. Hanks
Mrs. Cleo Critchfield
Mrs. Wayne phillips
Mrs. Loy Marler
Mrs. Delmer Thompson
Year of Service
1947 - 1949 - 1951 - 1952

(Mrs. W. M. Hanks has one absence on her record since the beginning of 1949. This date was March 14, 1950 which fell on the day after her return from a hospital where she had major surgery)

Members of 1953
Mrs. Ray Forehand, President
Mrs. George Bomhoff, Vice-President
Mrs. R. G. Scott, Secretary
Mrs. Loyd Peck, Treasurer
Mrs. Fred Hoffman, Reporter
Mrs. Bob Herbold
Mrs. Carl Nelson
Mrs. Kate Smith
Mrs. T. E. Barron
Mrs. Cleo Critchfield
Mrs. Delmer Thompson
Mrs. Emil Girard
Mrs. W. M. Hanks
Mrs. W. W. Phillips
Mrs. John Coble
Mrs. Herb Critchfield
Mrs. Vernon Maib
Mrs. Loy Marler
Mrs. A. W. Burns

Our community project chosen for this year was sponsoring a paint up, clean up week. The week of June 20th was set aside for special work. All members and their family took part in cleaning up their own farms and did such things as rearranging machinery, mowing drives and road ways doing small paint jobs. One farm, especially, had a face-lifting, when the owners did a lot of yard imrovement. The last day of clean up week we met at our community center and did a throrough house and yard cleanup job.
Mrs. Kate Smith, delegate to National Home Demonstration Council at Boston, Mass., explains her trip to Canton.

Mrs. Wayne Phillips giving a lesson broiling food. To her left is Mrs. A. W. Burns and Mrs. Herb Critchfield
The outstanding club achievement; we sold homemade ice cream and cake from which we made 28.28 and donated to the Emberee Drive which leads to the Holmes Memorial Park in Geary.

Officers for 1953 pres. Mrs. Ray Forehand
VP, Mrs. George Bomhoff
Sec. Mrs.Fred Hoffman
Demonstration Agent, Miss Maudie Thompson

Mrs. T. E. Barron
Mrs. Geor. Bomhoff
Mrs. Andrew Burns
Mrs. John Coble
Mrs. Cleo Critchfield
Mrs. Ray Forehand
Mrs. Emil Girard
Mrs. Wm. Hanks
Mrs. Bob Herbolt
Mrs. Fred Hoffman
Mrs. Loy Marler
Mrs. Vernon Maib
Mrs. Carl Nelson
Mrs. Lloyd Peck
Mrs. Wayne Phillips
Mrs. Kate Smith
Mrs. Ronald Scott
Mrs. Delmar Thompson
Mrs. Fred Kennedy

Members, from right to left, Mrs. Loy Marler, Mrs. Delmer Thompson, Mrs. Wayne Phillips, Mrs. Kate Smith, Mrs. A. W. Burns, Mrs. Cleo Critchfield, Mrs. W. M. Hanks, Mrs. Lloyd Peck, Mrs. Carl Nelson, Mrs. T. E. Barron, Mrs. Amil Girard, Mrs. Herb Critchfield, Mrs. John Cobble and children.