Southard Home Demonstration Club
Southard Home Demonstration Club History
Mrs. Ruben Schnell, President
Mrs. Wm. Karbs, Secretary
Mrs. Wm. Threlkeld, Reporter
Mrs. Leon McKee, Treasurer
Mrs. Glenn Jones, Vice-President

According to statistics by way of yearbooks saved by Mrs. C. J. Isaman, who helped organize the Southard Home Demonstratin Club, the first meeting was held January 6, 1932 in the Southard Community Building with Mrs. William Haigler as Hostess. There were fourteen members names listed in various parts of the 1932 yearbook. They were: Mrs. Haigler; Mrs. Isamen, Mrs. Mamie Winters, Mrs. Pearl Winters, Mrs. Clarence Ashcraft, Mrs. William Hyer, Mrs. Chester Frost, Mrs. Pearl Hulsey, Mrs. Ray Rowland, Mrs. L. Orr, Mrs. Lester Mannering, Mrs. Elmer Pope, Mrs. Bain and Mrs. Paris.

Major activities were; House Furnishings, Canning Budget; Yard Improvement, Minor Activities; Children Clothing; Gardens.

A household hint found written in this first yearbook was; When your frying pan becomes grease encrusted, put the pan in the fire for a few minutes. The grease can then be easily scraped off.

Also it was found that Mrs. Pearl Hulsey was the County Advisory Committee Secretary for the two years 1932 and 1933.

It was called Advisory Meeting until 1937 when it became known as Council Meeting.

Mrs. Harold Hamilton one of the early club members was County Council Vice President for the years 1940 and 1941.

As the club is made up mostly by wives of the Gypsum Mill Employees, there were a succession of woman belonging through the years until now in 1933 there are no charter members although Mrs. Isaman who was a member sixteen years, and four others still live in Southard.

Demonstrations were made through the years on sewing bags, stocking bags, hot pads, lunch cloths, pillow cases, crocheting, knitting, cooking etc.

Delicious refreshments were in evidence, during these early years, by this menace of our meeting: deviled eggs, baked beans, bread and butter sandwiches, apple pie and coffee.

In 1937 the Community Project was for the club to furnish books for a library.

Sometime between the years 1938 and 1942 the Southard Park was sponsored.

A new phase began to creep into the 1940 years lessons by way of the Sick and Safety First.

Then came the World War II years during which, among many things, gasoline and sugar were rationed. This greatly curtailed the club activities and did away with the sumptuous menus of pre-war days.

Mrs. V.O. Sykouse name first appeared in March of the 1941 yearbook. She worked diligently for the welfare of the club until she moved away in June 1952.

Mrs. Leroy Kohl was enrolled in March 1944, while in October 1945 Mrs. Ruben Schnell became a member followed in February 1946 by Mrs. Bill Karbs and in April 1946 by Mrs. W. L. Smith. In 1947 Mrs. D.R. Hutchinson's name appeared. She was County Council Pianist during 1949.

It was in October 1947 when Mrs. A.M. Barrows joined the Club. She was County Council President during 1951 and 1952.

A Junior Home Demonstration Club was sponsored for girls between the ages of seven and thirteen in 1948 under the able leadership of Mrs Ruben Schenell and Mrs. Jennie Rogers. Mrs. Rogers was a club member for several years although no data could be found of her enrollment. She moved from Southard in 1949.

Mrs. G. C. Scott became a member in 1949 and served as club president during 1950.

Mrs. Leon McKee joined the club in March 1950.

1951 saw new flame proof stage curtains in the school house as a result of club sponsorship.

Mrs. William Threlkeld, Mrs. Fred Grabow Jr., and Mrs. Glen Jones became members in the spring of 1951.

The biggest project ever sponsored by the club was the Red Cross Blood Mobile in May 1952. Seventy-six pints of blood were collected with six members donating blood. All members assisted with the work.

Later in 1952 Mrs. Raymond Sexton was added to the roll.

In 1953 the club was organized with ten old and four new members so now the roll reads like this: Mrs. Ruben Schnell, President, Mrs. Glen Jones, Vice President; Mrs. Bill Karbs, Secretary; Mrs. Leon McKee, Treasurer; Mrs. William Threlkeld, Reporter, Historian, Mrs. Leroy Kohl, Assistant Historian; Mrs. L. F. Meador Pianist; Mrs. W. L. Smith, Mrs. G. Scott, Mrs. Raymond Sexton, Mrs. Fred Grabow Jr., Mrs. Howard Stanford, mrs. Joseph Tracy and Mrs. Joe Masonhall.

Looking back over this history we find the Southard Club can be called average, no better or no worse than most of the other clubs of the county and the members are hoping that though they may have been average in the past they may be far above average in the future.


Southard Club in Watonga Parade at Fair Time
The Southard Home Demonstration Club started the year with ten members, we gained five new members and lost three, leaving us with twelve members, at the end of the end of the year.

We had eighteen regular meetings.

Our project was hiring a baby sitter for our club meetings.

This did not last all year, but was very nice while it lasted.

We have two family entertainments.

We fixed a Christmas basket, including a turkey, for the Odis Armor family.

We were represented at the County Council, and the Oklahoma City Tour.

Ways of replenishing our treasury was a womans softball game, Okeene Whea-esta, and County Fair.

Panel Discussion Group at County Council Meeting
Officers for the year were:
President, Mrs. Reuben Schnell
VP, Mrs. Glen Jones
Sec, Mrs. Bill Karbs
Treas. Mrs. Leon McKee
Rep, Mrs. Bill Threlkeld

List of members
Emma Jean Jones
Doris Karbs
Jo Celia Kohl
Margaret Masonhall
Beulah McKee
Joyce Meadar
Alice Schnell
Doris Scott
Pearl Smith
Wilma Threlkeld
Elsie Stanford
Leona Pierce