Red Hill Club
In (1953) Mrs. Virgil Ennen is the President, Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz the Vice-President, Mrs. Cecil Davis the Secretary. Our Community Projects are the improving of our Club House, cooperating with the Greenfield 4H, and having more community socials.
In December 1935 a group of women met at the home of Mrs. Sylvia Cunningham for the purpose of organizing a Home Demonstration Club. Miss Ola Armstrong the Home Demonstration Agent for the Blaine County was present and helped form the organization. Mrws. Robert Uerkvitz was elected President and Mrs. Elmer Dickens, Secretary and Treasurer. During our firt year (1936) we enrolled the following members:
Mrs. Sylvia Cunningham
Mrs. Roy Beals
Mrs. Frank Cox
Mrs. A. C. Dickens
Mrs. Will Long
Mrs. Cecil Schrader
Mrs. Homer Duncan
Mrs. W. E. Blevins
Mrs. Laura Battle
Mrs. Frank Stewart
Mrs. Pete Bailey
Mrs. Wesley Hudkins
Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz
Mrs. Nola Lemmons
This year we were designated as the Washington D. C. Club and a record of our meetings and activites were sent to Washington D. C. One of our first activities was helping in all homes in our community in times of sorrow or destress.

For the year (1937) Mrs. Pete Bailey was our President and Mrs. Roy Beals Secretary and Treasurer. During this year Mrs. Will Long moved away and new members enrolled included:
Mrs. Bill Nitzel
Mrs. Luther Price
Mrs. Tannery
Mrs. Carl Uerkvitz
Mrs. Hutchinson
We continued the project of aiding anyone in our community in sickness or distress.

In (1938) Mrs. J.S. Battle served as President and Lois Duncan was Secretary. This year Mrs. Olin Smith and Mrs. Sam Snowder were enrolled giving us a total enrollment of 21. This year we euqipped a chest with articles needed in a sick room, such as sheets, bandage, alcohol, thermometer and etc. to be used by anyone in the community in case of illness. This year one of our members Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz was elected the County Council President.

In (1939) Mrs. Sam Snowder was our President and Mrs. Olin Smith the Secretary. This year Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. Ronald Scott, Mrs. Claude Keely and Mrs. Dudley Roach were added to our roll and Mrs. Cecil Schrader, Mrs. Tannery, and Mrs. Hutchinson moved away making our enrollment 24.

In (1940) Mrs. Carl Uerkvitz was elected President and Mrs. W. E. Blevins as Secretary. This year the Community Recreation was our project. Parties and picnics for the whole neighborhood was held 3 or 4 times a year. We had four new members, Mrs. Harold Doak, Mrs. John Dickens, Mrs. Clarence Keely and Mrs. Tom Till.

In (1941) Mrs. R. G. Scott and Mrs. Homer Duncan were our officers and we lost one member Mrs. Hudson and gained another Mrs. Geo Stevenson. We continued our Community Recreation and help to the needy and distressed.

In (1942) Mrs. A. C. Dickens was our President and Mrs. Pet Bailey was the Secretary. This year our members went to the Red Cross Room at Greenfield to roll and fold bandages for war use, once each week and had only one club meeting each month. We also served sales and banquets for money to buy war bonds to be used later for a club house. This year we added two more to our roll, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. John Ridenhouer and one Mrs. Hudson moved away. We continued the same Community Projects.

In (1943) we continued our Red Cross and War Work with Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz as President and Mrs. Pete Bailey Secretary. This year we lost Mrs. Sam Snowder, Mrs. Carl Uerkvitz, Mrs. Ronald Scott, Mrs. Olin Smith, Mrs. Harold Doak, and gained three new members, Mrs. Roy Marriott, Mrs. Willis Lowe and Mrs. Dean Marrs. This year we sent cards to the boys of our community who were in the Service. We each had a Club Pal this year and sent gifts to her on Christmas and her birthday.

In (1944) Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz was President with Mrs. Roy Beals as Secretary. We bought war bonds again this. We served the Greenfield Junior-Senior Banquet, also the Eastern Star lunch in Co-operation with the Pleasant Valley Club. We continued neighborhood parties and picnics. Up to theis time we had bought $300.00 in War Bonds. We sent Christmas gifts to all our boys in the service and packages and books were sent to the veterans hospitals. We also subscribed to the National Geographic Magazine for the Greenfield High School.

In (1945) Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz was again drafted for president and Mrs. Pete Bailey was Secretary. This year we added two members, Mrs. Chas. Ruhl and Mrs. Walter Uerkvitz. We continued serving sales, having food and rummage sales to finance our club work. This year we helped buy some instruments for our Greenfield School Band and helped with the 4H Club, and several books were contributed to the School Library.

In (1946) Mrs. John Shinn was our President and Mrs. Roy Marriott our Vice President, with Mrs. Geo. Stevenson serving an the Secretary. New members this year were Mrs. Carl Pinkerton, Mrs. Nona Henson, Mary Piper, Mrs. Leona Piper, Dorothy Reddick, Mrs. Elver Dickens moved from our community and helped organize a Home Demonstration Club in her new community. This year our Community Projects were cleaning up the Pinkerton Cemetery, Community Recreation, and sponsoring te Greenfield 4H Club.

In (1947) Mrs. Roy Beals was the President, Mrs. A. C. Dickens Vice President and Mrs. Pete Bailey Sec. Dorothy Reddick dropped from the roll. This year we helped equip the lunch room at Greenfield School in addition to the Pinkerton Cemetery work and Community Recreation. We also began contributing to the March of Dimes, Cancer and Red Cross. A boy in our Community was accidentally shot through the eye and required long hospitalization, so our club in cooperation with the Pleasant Valley Club held a pie supper to help finance his hospital bill. $232.11 was raised. Also in cooperation with the Pleasant Valley Club we raised $123.00 for the Hot Lunch Program in Greenfield School. We adapted a French family and sent packages of food and clothing, eight boxes were sent this year. Six neighborhood socials were held. We also collected 53 lbs. of clothing for European needy.

In (1948) Mrs. Dudley Roach was President, Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz, Vice President Mrs. Laura Battle Secretary. The Community projects were Pinkerton Cemetery up keep, Greenfield School Lunch Program, Gifts to our French Family and Community Socials. New members were Mrs. Edith Chapin Mrs. Vera France, Mrs. Fenton Rycroft, Mrs. Maude Crail, mrs. Carl Garten, Mrs. Carl Pinkerton was dropped from the roll. The Carl Uerkvitz family moved from our community and a farewell party was given for them. Six Care packages of $10.00 was contributed to the Cancer Fund.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Dickens gave the club a 4-room house to use for our Club Meetings. This yer we sold part of our war bonds and started remodeling the house for future use.

In (1949) Mrs. Jesse France was President, Mrs. Geo. Stevenson, Vice President, Mrs. Luther Price, Secretary. We continued our 4-H Club work, Care packages to French family, community socials, Red Cross Fund Donations, Cancer Fund, Polio Fund.

Mrs. and Mrs. A. C. Dickens moved to Watonga and the Elmer Dickens family moved back in the community. We continued to improve our club house, and bought more equipment. We quilted 2 quilts for the tornado victims in our County and sent fruit and clothing also. We sent $5.00 to the 4-H County Fund. We also sent $20.00 to the Watonga Hospital Fund.

In (1950) Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz was the President, Mrs. Roy Beals was the Vice President and Mrs. Dudley Roach was Secretary. This year we painted our Club house and made a survey of the Community regarding extension and improvement of telephone lines. We continued the care packages to the French family, and also helped needy families at home. Neighborhood parties and picnics were held and we invited the 4-H Club members to give their demonstration and timely topics at our club meetings. We continued the 4-H magazine subscriptions for the Greenfield Club. We continued little by little to buy equipment for the Club house. This year we gave our H&M Scholarship.

In (1951) Mrs. Bill Nitzel was President, Mrs. Roy Beals Vice Pres., and Mrs. Dolf Self Secretary. We carried on all our 1950 projects except the telephone survey. A family lost their home and all the furnishings by fire. We sent gifts and clothing to them. This year magazine subscriptions were again given to the 4-H Club members and the gate signs. The 4-H Club members came to our Club Meetings and gave the timely topics and demonstratins which they were taking to the County Rally. Gifts were given to the boys and girls graduating from the Greenfield High School. We contributed prizes to be used in the County Demonstration Style Show.

In (1952) Mrs. Luther Price was the President, Mrs. W.E. Blevins was the Vice President and Mrs. Bob Nitzel the Secretary. Our Community Projects were donating to all funds such as the Red Cross, Heart Fund, Cancer Fund and the Polio Drive. Having more community socials and helping Greenfield 4H Clubs. This year we were fortunate to have the County Nurse give a talk at one of our meetings when the Home Demonstration Agent couldn't be there. The 4H Club magazine subscriptions were given to all the blue ribbon winners in the 4H Club at Greenfield this year.


Our main project for 1953 was on our clubhouse. We painted the interior hung new drapes, and fixed a picket fence around the front yard, for our young children to play in. We , also, as most every year, had the 4H Club of Greenfield as a project.

Our outstanding Club achievement was our monthly birthday parties, which we gave each month for all the members and their families. We always had birthday cakes for each party. These parties seemed to develop a larger interest to belong to the club, and we therefore gained three new member in 1953.

Pres. Mrs. Virgie Ennen
VP, Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz
Sec. Mrs. Cecil Davis
Rep, Mrs. Bob Nitzel

Mrs. Frank Beals
Mrs. W. E. Blevens
Mrs. Burk Dickens
Mrs. Johnny dickens
Mrs. Cecil Davis
Mrs. Vergle Ennen
Mrs. George Green
Mrs. Bob Nitzel
Mrs. Bill Nitzel
Mrs. Luther Price
Mrs. Fenton Rycroft
Mrs. Dolph Self
Mrs. Robert Uerkvitz
Mrs. Coy Pendergraft
Mrs. Wayne Walker
Mrs. Audie Avants
Mrs. Bonnie Coryell