Pleasant Valley
Mrs. Vera Carding, Blaine County's first Home Demonstration Agent, Feb. 2nd, 1923 organized our Club, in the home of Mrs. C.P. Bush, with 13 members enrolled. Officers elected were President--Mrs. E.A. Hall; Vice-Pres.--Mrs. F.P. Geeslin; Secretary-Treasure--Mrs. P. Bush, Mrs. E.A. (Ruth) Goerke, and Mrs. V. Mann (Ethel Buchanan Hunter) Mrs. Geo. Rehlen, Mrs. Harry Hodges, Mrs. Harry Lookabaugh, Mrs. Roy Shaffer, Mrs. Glenn Van Lehn, and Mrs. W.A. Watson.
Feb.1923 -- Jan. 1952 This picture was taken at our Second meeting Feb. 16,1923 when our membership was increased to 20. Only 4 of the 20 are still members. Mrs. J.H. Geeslin, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Lewis.

An average membership of around 27 has been main- tained through our 30 years. With few exceptions we have held 2 regular meetings each month and many call meetings. The demonstrations and lessons of our first year given by members and Home Demonstration Agent, such as making a dress form, cutting, and altering patterns, making bound buttons holes, making and baking angel food cakes and 7 minute frosting, how to use a pressure cooker, caponizing of broilers and lessons on home laundering, selection and care of clothing set the pattern for future years.

This picture make in 1925 of 4 of our members as they appeared in the comedy play "Cackle, Cackle, Cackle," in which they demonstrate the proper culling of poultry won first prize in a county contest, and an invitation to present it at Stillwater during "Farm and Home Week."

In various ways our club has given opportunity for self-improvement. Above the average interest by a large percent of our members has been shown in child development and parent education and family life projects. Before our county library was started we secured books from our state library, subscribed to Book Clubs and Magazines, and had book reviews.

We have advanced community interest by sponsoring a multitude of community activities from ice-cream socials and teen-town parties to adult Bible Study. We have sewed and quilted for the unfortunate; served dinners for the bereaved; donated and solicited help for many health programs and charitable causes.

We have aided the Greenfield School by donating money or equipment to the Home Economics Department; the F.F.A. and 4H Club; the library; the hot lunch room; recreation room; and play ground equipment; including a cement tennis court.
Our outstanding accomplishments for the school was the promotion of more interest in music which required endless donations of time, money, and patience that eventually secured full co-operation of school officials and parents resulting in a large rhythm band and a brass band that brought honor to our school by winning Superior Ratings in district competition for several years before war conditions made it impossible to keep an instructor.
This is picture of our Superior Band, at Weatherford 1940, wearing their new two-tone blue uniforms.

We have had exhibited at all County Fairs and won our share of State Fair honors. In 1923 and 1924 Pleasant Valley's entire exhibit was used to represent Blaine County at the State Fair and won First Place each time.

Pictured here is Pleasant Valley's float which won first place at County Fair in 1939. The clubs similar float picturing the Godess of Liberty, also won First Place, the following year.

Pleasant Valley Club Sees New House Near Completion
newspaper article in April, 1949
The new club house of the Pleasant Valley home demonstration club as it nears completion. The money for the house was raised by the club members, and the construction work was done by the men of the community.

J.H. Geeslin, husband of one of the members donated one of the wooden buildings from his farm to be used in constructing the building. The house which is 22 x 40, is located on the northwest corner of the Earl Walker farm 5 miles south and 3 1/2 miles east of Watonga.

This picture tells the story of our biggest community achievement in helping our club to win second place in the State in 1949 in the Rural Neighborhood Progress Contest sponsored by the Farmer-Stockman Magazine.
Pleasant Valley Work Lauded in Farm Magazine
The story of Pleasant Valley's work to build a community building and a new bridge across the Canadian River is written in the current issue of the Farmer-Stockman.
We have participated in County and State Home Demonstration Organizations, having had 3 members serve as County president and 3 as Secretary or Treasurer; and several as song leader and pianist. One member served as State Treasurer and one as State Chaplain and N.W. District Reporter.


These admiring some of her works are her daughter, Mrs. Joe Scouther, secretary; Mrs. Fred Erlenmaier, President; and Mrs. Lawrence Walker
Officers; Pres. Mrs. Fred Erlenmaier, Sect. Mrs. Joe Souther VP. Mrs. Martin Giger, Treasurer, Mrs. Joe Gaeslin

The projects selected for the year were; distress in our community; helping the 4H clubs; maintaining the club house and community recreation.

Members of our club met in an all day meeting at the club house, for the purpose of sewing for the two adopted children of one of our club members, Mrs. Lyle Carter. With materials and portable machines, seven garments were completed.

When fire destroyed the Richardson home, our club sponsored a shower to replace some of their losses. We served dinner the day of the funeral to the bereaved of two families in our community. One or more club members attended each 4H meeting during the year. Also, furnished ten angel food cakes for the Greenfield 4H banquet.
The above is a picture of the May Program on Buffet Service. From left to right: Mrs. Woolsie Lewis, leader; Mrs. Joe Souther; and Mrs. Earl Walker.

Newspaper Article named "Hobbies"

The Pleasant Valley Home Demonstration Club held a regular meeting Thursday afternoon. October 15, at the club house with Mrs. Harry Hodges as hostess.

Roll call was answered with "My Hobby". Reports were given on the achievement day programs of the Red Hill and Jolly Workers Clubs our members attended Plans were made for getting reports in.

Mrs. Joe Souther demonstrated several hobbies and winter flower arrangemtns, followed by a round table discussion.

Refreshments of cake and coffee were served to Mrs. Lyle Carter, Mrs. Martin Giger, Mrs. Fred Erienmaier and Mrs. Joe Souther.

After our lesson on Hobbies we visited the home of one of our neighbors, Mrs. H. A. Meyer, who has as her hobby the painting of pictures.

Newspaper Article named "4H Demonstration"

Mrs. Betty Hodges is Pleasant Valley Hostess The Pleasant Valley Home Demonstration Club held a regular meeting Thursday, May 21 in the club house with Mrs. Betty Hodges as hostess.

The meeting was opened by singing songs, Mrs. G. L. Erienmaier gave the devotional followed by the Lord's Prayer, Roll call was answered by a "household hint".

Mrs. Joe Souther had the lesson on shortcuts in housekeeping. Barbara and Janice Erienmaier gave a team demonstration on how to clean and polish a waffle iron.

Refreshments were served to: Mrs. Fred Erienmaier, Mrs. Elmer Glass, Mrs. Martin Giger, Mrs. E. A. Hall, Mrs. G. L. Erienmaier and girls, Mrs. Harry Hodges, Mrs. Joe Souther and children and Mrs. Bill Hodges and children.

Newspaper Article named "Points To Fashion"

Three Guests attend Pleasant Valley Meeting Mrs. Ruth Erienmaier was hostess of the Pleasant Valley Home Demonstratin Club which met Thursday, May 7, at the club house. The meeting was called to order with group singing. The devotional was given by Mrs. Fred Erienmaier, Roll call was anwered by giving a "Fashion Problem."

Mrs. Fred Erienmaier gave the program on "Fashion Points." Mrs. Betty Hodges' group won the attendance contest. Mrs. Lyle Carter won the game prize.

Refreshments were served to three guest: Mrs. C. Robinson, Mrs. E. North, Mrs. G. Rhodes, and the following members: Mrs. Lyle Carter, Mrs. Fred Erlenmaier, Mrs. E. A. Hall, Mrs. Bill Hodges, Mrs. Harry Hodges, Mrs. W. Lewis, Mrs. J. Souther, Mrs. Earl Walker, Mrs. L. Walker and Mrs. Gus Erlenmaier.

Newspaper Article named "Book Review"

Pleasant Valley HD Club Holds Regular Meeting The Pleasant Valley HD club held a regular meeting recently at the club house with Mrs. Delbert Lake as hostess.

The meeting was opened by group singing. Mrs. Fred Erienmaier gave the devotional followed by the "Lord's Prayer" in unison.

Roll call was answered with "what I enjoyed most of the 4H meetings attended." The minutes of the previoius meeting were thenread and approved.

A summary of the year's work was given by Mrs. Joe Souther, Mrs. Woolsie Lewis reported on the club scrapbook.

A demonstratin on waxed flowers was given by Mrs. Joe Souther. Mrs. Woolsie Lewis gave an interesting book revue on "The Bess Streeter Aldrich Reader."

Club adjourned to meet November 19 at the club house with Mrs. Lewis as hostess and Mrs. Erienmaier as leader.

Refreshments of coffee and cookies were served to guests Mrs. Pete Bailey and Larry and to the following members, Mesdames Bill Hodges, Harry Hodges, Lawrence Walker, Fred Erlenmaier, Lyle Carter, Martin Giger, Woolsie Lewis, Joe Souther and the hostess Mrs. Delbert Lake.

Newspaper Article named "Salads"

Singing Opens Pleasant Velley Club meeting.

The Pleasant Valley Home Dmonstratin Club held a regular meeting April 16, in the home of Mrs. Fred Erienmaier. Roll call was answered with naming "My favorite salad dressing." The meeting was opened by singing songs, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Dwayne Karns.

Mrs. Woolsie Lewis gave the devotional. The Lord's Prayer was repeated in unison. Mrs. Martin Giger reported on the trip to OKC. Mrs. Lawrence Walker reportedon the 4H rallies in Greenfield and Watonga.

Mrs. Joe Souther and Mrs. Fred Erienmaier demonstrated several different kinds of salads. Miss Maudie Thompson gave a discussion on salads. Mrs. Bill Hodges and Mrs. Fred Erlenmaier demonstrated gadgets to help in sewing. The club voted to bake cakes for the Greenfield 4H banquet.

Refreshments were served to guests Mrs. T. Aash, Mrs. R. Shaffer, Mrs. C. Duncan, Mrs. Ray Walker and Miss Maudie Thompson and the following members present; Mrs. Joe F. Geeslin, Mrs. Martin Giger, Mrs. O. A. Hoar, Mrs. Bill Hodges, Mrs. Harry Hodges, mrs. Dwain Karns, Mrs. Woolsie Lewis, mrs. Joe Souther, Mrs. Lawrence Walker and hostess Mrs. Fred Erlenmaier.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 7 with Mrs. G. I. Erlenmaier as hostess and Mrs. Fred Erienmaier as hostess and mrs. Fred Erlenmaier as leader.

Newspaper Article named "Upholstery"

Mrs. ArtieGeeslin has lesson at club meeting

The Pleasant Valley Home Demonstration Clubs held their regularmeeting March 5, at the club housewith Mrs.Artie Geeslin as hostess. Roll call was answered by "My Favorite Upholstery Material".

The club voted to help with the Greenfield 4H rally and banquetMrs. Joe South had charge of the lesson on re-upholstering at home. Mrs. Bernie Cook gave a demonstration of a sewing machine and types of work that can be done. Mrs. Woolsie Lewis also gave a demonstration on two household hints.

Refreshments were served to the guests Mrs. G. Ogle, Mrs. S. Stover and Mrs. Bernie Cook and to the following members. Mrs. Earl Walker, Mrs. Lawrence Walker, Mrs. Dwain Karns and daughter Mrs. Woolsie Lewis, Mrs. Harry Hodges, Mrs. Bill Hodges, Mrs. G. L. erlenmaier, Mrs. Fre Erlenmaier, Mrs. Joe Souther, Mrs. E. A. Hall, Mrs. Lyle Carter, and the hostess Mrs. Joe Geeslin.