Liberty Belle Clubs

Officer the First Year
Mrs. Elmer Schwindt, Pres
Mrs. Leroy Brickman, Sec
Mrs. Carl Laubach, V. Pres.

For several years, our club was in need of something to bring us together so we could become better acquainted with our neighbors.

Several of us thought a Home Demonstration Club was the thing most needed; but we could not get enough ladies interested at the time, and since we did not know a thing about club work, we were asked to join a club in Okeene, The Okeene Sunshine Club.

We joined, hoping to gain experience in the duties and ways of club work, which we gained by doing. One of us was President for three years and Secretary for two years, another was President one year and Reporter several years.

Kitchen we worked on and now have completed and ready for use as school lunchroom

When we finally brought it up again as a community organization we had a number who consented to help us become organized; and on October 29, 1953, we met in the home of Mrs. Ralph Brickman and organized the Liberty Belle Club, with the help of our mother club, The Okeene Sunshine Club. Five of our members had been Sunshine Club members.

Eleven ladies became members the first day and three were added later.

The first year we spent our time improving and getting things together for a kitchen for the use of the community and also for school lunches. We also co-operate with the 4H club and other worthy organizations.