Jolly Workers
A young matrons club was organized Aug. 6, 1943 with seven members. Rules of the club were: to have an age limit of 30 years of age, refreshments were to consist of two eatables and a drink, meet every first and third Wed., and to meet in alphabetical order. Dues were ten cents a month. The name, "Jolly Workers" was chosen for the new club. Their motto, "Don't Let The Ship Down".

1952 Officers: President - Mrs. Norman Knisley, Vice President - Mrs. Bob Souther, Secretary - Mrs. Herschel Howry, Reporter - Mrs. Keith Schrader, Song Leader - Mrs. Sam Ball

Our first entertainment was a masquerade Halloween party and has been a club tradition until the last two years. The beginning of the treasury was a fund obtained by selling ice cream at a public sale. We purchased Grandma Christian a rocking chair after her home was destroyed by fire. A Christmas party was held for the 13 members and their famiilies. The refreshments were sack treats.

In 1943 new rules were made. Buy gifts for hospitalized club members and also give farewell gifts. The club members meet at the community building and help fold bandages for Red Cross. For club entertainment have a weiner roast, Halloween party and Christmas party.

1944, we helped the Prairie View Aid send boxes of soap to the service boys. We had an Easter dinner for the club members and families.

The project of the year 1945 was to organize a Sunday School at the Prairie View school house, test home water supplies and help the 4-H. A basket dinner was given at Easter in honor of service boys who were on furlough. After Sunday School was abandoned the song books were given to the club. A collection of 160 lbs. of clothing was sent to European countries. We gave each hostess a Tea Towel Shower. We presented 4 boxes of airmail stationary to a Veteran Hospital. Our first achievement Day was held at the Oakgrove School House. That year Mt. Pleasant and Union School organized a 4-H Club and chose the name, Jolly Workers in appreciation of our sponsorship.

1946 project was to continue with 4-H and testing of the community home water supply. We drew names for secret pals. Two doz. diapers were purchased and sent to Helen Bar for foreign relief. We served homemade cookies and pop to the Jolly Workers 4-H Club at the model meeting. We bought and made Christmas gifts for the Crippled Childrens Home.

In 1947 we painted the interior and exterior of the Oakgrove School house for a community center. We also added flourescent light fixtures, floodlight for lawn suppers, curtains, dishes, silver, chairs, tables and stoves. We gave subscriptions to the 4-H News Magazines to members of the Jolly Workers 4-H Club. We adopted a Dutch family to send clothing and food to. We gave $5.00 to the Salvation Army for the Woodward disaster and contributed to all the regular county drives.

1948 project was to improve community buildings, help 4-H in Greenfield and Watonga, and send packages overseas to the family in Holland. We had parties every two weeks for the club families. We donated $5.00 and sent gifts to the Pryor Orphanage. Sent three $10.00 packages overseas.

In 1949, the club families met, leveled and sodded the ground, trimmed trees and shrubbery, planted flowers and made an outside grill. We contributed to all county drives, storm-stricken families, Pryor Orphanage and the 4-H Clubs. Two packages of clothing were sent to the Holland family.

The Jolly Workers decided we needed to do more at home during 1950. We found in our own neighborhood a wonderful friend we could help, Mrs. Francis Reddick. She had been in a wheel chair since the age of 20 years, and was in need of a new wheel chair. We purchased a new $130 chair and presented it to her at a ceremony in the club house. There were 75 people present. That night, the blanket that we had sold chances on was drawn by one of the club members who gave the blanket to Mrs. Reddick. During the year of 1950 we also gave our regular donations.

In 1951, we had several entries at the county fair. Out of 5 dress entries, we had 3 blue ribbons with 2 of these going to the State Fair and both placed in the blue ribbon group there.

Our 1952 project was to adopt Walnut Cottage at Pryor Orphanage with 16 girls, ages 6 - 9. Each club member drew the name of a girl and remembered her on her birthday and at Christmas. We also sent our annual Christmas packages to the orphanage. We gave to the Harry Smith Fund, 4-H Club Camp, and donated to all the county drives.

The following are charter members of our club: Mrs. Bob Souther, Mrs. Ernest West, Mrs. Herschel Howry, Mrs. Forrest Smith, Mrs. Leslie Bradford, and Mrs. Norman Knisley.

a newspaper article that Jolly Workers submitted to the County scrapbook
"This is a story about a group of women who looked half-way across the state and saw a job that needed to be done. And nearly anyone would admit that it is a worthy project.

Four years ago, the members of the Jolly Workers Home Demonstration Club in Blaine County were looking for a project to work on that would help others who needed help. They looked in their home community, but it so happened that over in Mayes County, they saw a job of work that interested them more than anything near home. It was the Whittaker State Children's Home at Pryor.

"All the women in the club had children of their own. In fact, the 16 memebers have a total of 40 children. This gave them a good idea of what children need and want, and they decided to use this knowledge to try to make some less-fortunate children a little happier.

"They adopted a cottage at the home and have since remembered the children in the cottage at birthdays and Christmas times. They also furnish extras at other times as needed by the children.

"Last Christmas, they decided to do something for all the children in the home and sent a box containing gifts for the home-at-large. This Christmas, they sent another box, but doubled the contents.

"In addition to this excellent job, the members of the Jolly Workers Club have been the backbone in getting a community building for their home neighborhood and are the sponsors of thier local 4-H club.

Officers of the Jolly Workers Club are: Mrs. Norman Knisley, President; Mrs. Robert Souther, Vice-President; Mrs. Forrest Smith, Secretary, and Mrs. Herschel Howry, Treasurer,

Other members of the club are : Mrs. Sam Ball, Mrs. Merle Ball, Mrs. Pete Bailey, Mrs. Leslie Bradford, Mrs. Cecil Cowan, Mrs. Hubert Cowan, Mrs. Carl Duncan, Mrs. Leslie Goodwin, Mrs. Marshall McClung, Mrs. Keith Shrader, Mrs. Ernest West and Mrs. Don Roach."

The sixteen members of the Jolly Workers Club shown in their club house on their 1952 Achievement Day.

The Jolly Workers Home Demonstratin Club 1953

Yard Improvement Tour

The group had coffee and doughnuts

served by the Watonga Kiwanis

at the home of Mrs. Pete Bailey

The Jolly Workers club spent several days making Christmas toys and purses for the children at Pryor Orphans Home.

A large box was sent to the entire orphanage, and a special box has sent to Walnut Cottage with a individual wrapped package for each little girl. A package is sent every three months.

The club furnished house plants for the Jolly Workers 4H Club and asked 4H members to give their demonstrations at club meetings. A subscription to the National 4H news was sent to the Jolly Workers 4H club banquet. Part of this years project was to redecorate and improve the clubhouse, so the members started by laying an asphalt tile floor. A long table was built for the children and new cabinets in the kitchen. The next improvement was a butane tank, heater, cook stove and electric refrigerator. A large strip of useless blackboard was removed from one wall. In all this, their husbands assisted the members. At the present time pull drapes have been ordered and plans have been made to paint the walls.

The club members all had a new experience, when they cooked and served the three day 4H Club camp at Roman Nose Park. In spite of the hard work they enjoyed doing it and called it a big success.

The club served three days at the March Stock Show, and helped the County Clubs with the Fair Concession Stands.

In addition several food sales were held and several farm sales served.

The club always does well at the County Fair. This year we earned a blue ribbon on the canning and sent three dresses to the state Fair, one of these winning a blue ribbon there.

All club members and several neighbors and friends, that are ill, by sending cards to them. Gifts are sent to club members and their families in case of illness or death.

The club donates to all neighboring families in times, of distress and to all worthy causes such as $5.00 to 4H Club Camp $1.00 poppy board, $2.00 polio fund, $2.00 T. B. seals and $2.00 to cancer.

Club Officers

Mrs. Hubert Cowan
Mrs. Marshall McClung
Mrs. Merle Ball
Mrs. Cecil Cowan

Mrs. Pete Bailey
Mrs. Sam Ball
Mrs. Merle Ball
Mrs. Leslie Bradford
Mrs. Cecil Cowan
Mrs. Hubert Cowan
Mrs. Earl Duncan
Mrs. Leslie Godwin
Mrs. Hershal Howry
Mrs. Norman Knisley
Mrs. Marshall McClung
Mrs. Don Roach
Mrs. Keith Shrader
Mrs. Forest Smith
Mrs. Ernest West

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