If you would like to be a part of this caring organization and have a positive impact on Blaine County, call 580.623.5195.
"I see now, after reading the stories that these women wrote, that club is not about cooking and sewing. It is about learning and sharing!
  Anita Woodruff
Home Demonstration Clubs

   Home and Community Education

Personality Types
A trip to the State Capitol

This typed letter is dated February 18, 1922
The letterhead reads "Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, State of Okahoma, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College and United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperating, Extension Service, County Agent Work"

The letter reads "Mrs. Eileen McNulty, Okeene, Oklahoma.
Dear Mrs. McNulty: Received your letter in regard to getting a Home Demonstratin Agent for Blaine County. I am glad you are bringing up this matter. Some of the women in the central Commissioner's District are also wanting a woman agent, so you people may get one by working together. The matter of getting the money to pay the salary of such agents depends on the county commissioners, and they in turn fall back on what the people want. Mr. Kennedy nd Mr. Fisher both voted against having a County Agent on the grounds that the people of the north district did not want one, and I suppose the same thing will be said about a woman agent. So the first move for you is to get a large number of women in your district to want a womanagent, then to let Mr. Fisher know that you want one. I am quite sure the other two commisiners will be all right on the matter.

"I think the intention of the people at the headquartered (Stillwater) is to get into Blaine County free, for at least a week, a woman agent to give demonstrations in her line of work. It may be well for you people in the north district to ask for this woman to give demonstratins in your locality. I may visit you within the next ten days. Cordially, J. M. Raff"

Bertha Pickens, Blaine County's first Club Historian said, "Every year while we are still hot and most of us bothered, here comes the call for specimens of our work, to be sent to the fair.... All in all, its an awful lot of work piled on officials and helpers, so if enrollment came at that time too, few would join."
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Farm Women's Creed
Past County Officers
4H Report
1955 County Council Program

Number One!                                                                           
Mrs. Vera V. Carding organized Home Demonstration work in Blaine County in the autumn of 1922. Mrs. Carding went to McAlister County after three years.
Number Two!
Mrs Iva McAlister Whitt was H.D. Agent for Blaine County from 1925 to 1928.

Number Three!
Miss Ola Armstrong
(pictured here at the sewing machine) was H.D. Agent from 1928 until 1940 when she became Clothing Specialist at Stillwater.

"In books lie the soul of the past and foundation of the future!" Our Library
Number Four!
Maudie Thompson succeeded Ola Armstrong in 1940.

Maudie Thompson, Blaine County Home Demonstration Agent, was born in Major County and attended grade and high school in that county. She graduated from Oklahom A & M College with a B. S. Degree in Home Economics Education.

After teaching Vocatinal Home Economics at Geary, Oklahoma and Lawton, Oklahoma, she accepted a position of Home Demonstration Agent in Blaine County.

She is a member of the Sigma Epsilon Phi, national honorary service organization; American Home Economics Association, and National Home Demonstration Agent's Association.

Miss Norma Brumbaugh, State Home Demonstration Agent
Mrs. Dave Foster, State H.D. Council President
Miss Zella King, N.W. District Agent
County Reports and Pictures
These were the active groups in 1952. These links will take you to their reports and a little history of their club with pictures!

Better Homes
Busy Bee
Canton Progressive
Cedar Valley

We have completed 353 garments, stored 4066 pounds of frozen meat, planted 5 trees, 7 members have had health exams, 33 bulletins read, 42 articles on family life, 5 teen age problems solved, 2 houses have been remodled, 1 septic tanks installed and 10 pieces of furniture reupholstered.
Go-Forth Farmerettes
Helping Hand
Jolly Neighbors
Jolly Workers
Liberty Belles
Merry Circle
Okeene Sunshine
Pleasant Valley
Red Hill
Valley Homemakers
Victory Homemakers

The Asistant Home Demonstration Agents from that time were:
January to December, 1944 - Maxine Smith Stelovitch
May to June, 1945 - Florence Cassidy
April to May, 1946 - Mrs. L. H. Horsley
October, 1946 to May, 1947 - Lucille Cox Nelson
June 1948 - Caroline Benson Denny
July 1949 - Nettie McNally Plummer
November 1950 - Anna Lee Rouk
June 1952 - Dorothy Groneman Tompkins
September 1953 - Mona Dreessen

We have worked hard and while our work has not always been pleasant, our souls are filled with a wonderful peace and satisfaction for we know we have done as He would have us to do.
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