Modernette's (Homestead) Club
County Choral Group
The Homestead Club was organized in March, 1951, at the home of Mrs. Edwin Weber with eighteen members who were Verda Church, Helen Walton, Helen Craig, Louise Gravens, Louise Reams, Mildred Outhier, Mildred Wolfe, Celia Krouse, Gertrude Ewing, Maybelle Pollman, Lois Garrison, Nell Outhier, Rose Marie Outhier, Marvell Wilson, Clara Weaver, Alice Reams, Emma Weber, and Mary Strader.

Louise Gravens was elected our President, Nell Outhier, Vice-President and Lois Garrison, Secretary.

County Choral Group At the second meeting we named our club the "Modernette's", Our project was to furnish some much needed books for our school, Liberty; twenty-five books were furnished.

Our vice-president dropped out because of employemnt and Rose Marie Outhier was elected to fill that office. Our secretary moved away, so Maybelle Pollman was elected secretary. Later on in the summer, our president asked to be removed from office because of illness. Rose Marie took over the presidency until Louise was able to come back.

Three members attended the tailoring class at Watonga. We never entered the fair that year. We attended the fair though, as we wanted to see what other clubs were doing.

We planned a Halloween party and had the refreshments fixed and the decorating done when we were rained out.

1952 found us with seventeen members thirteen of which were charter members. Lois Garrison, Nell Outhier, Mary Strader, Celia Krouse, and Clara Weaver had dropped out; but Mrs. J. D. Walton, Lulu Jean Scheffer, Maryetta Strader, and Irene Highley were added to our rolls. Maybelle Pollman was president, Emma Weber, Vice-President, and Verda Church was secretary.

We helped out with the 4-H club. We held a local style a style show for the 4-H Club and furnished transportation for them to Watonga for the spring ralley.

Several of our members entered the style show, winning two blue ribbons.

Our club was hostess at the County Council meeting that fall. We gave a Halloween Party in the school gym for everyone in the club, their families, and the 4-H club.

We entered the fair. We had a completed canning budget. We had four firsts, three seconds, and one third.

We started 1953 with seventeen members. Twelve charter members, Marvel Wilson and Maryetta Strader had moved away. Edna Reams and Margaret Strader now joined us. Mildred Wolfe is president, Verda Church is vice-president, and Helen Walton is secretary.

This year's project is to make a trophy case for the school gym. Also we are taking more interest in the 4-H club. So far we have held a style show and bought a banner for the 4-H club. Three of us Modernettes took the 4-Hers to Oklahoma City where they saw WKY Radio and TV Station, attended open house at the Governor's Mansion, went through the capitol building, and museum.

Five members went to the County Council meeting and three attended the district meeting at Fairview. Which brings us up to April the first.

The Homestead Modernettes Home Demonstration Club ended their 1953 year with a lot more interest than before. More members contributed to the Fair than ever before, and several prizes were won. Half of the prize money went to the winner and half to the club treasury.

A 4H Club banner was purchased for $9,.75 and given to the Homestead 4H Club. We served ice cream and cake at the annual 4H Club style revue in April, and cleared $13.35. We also, had a Halloween Party for the Homestead Community, at the school.

A flower seed exchange was held during the year, thereby making more interest. There have been many interesting demonstrations held.

President, Mrs. Mildred Wolfe
Vice President, Mrs. Verda Church
Sec Trea Mrs. Helen Walton
Rep Mrs. Maybelle Pollman

The year ended with seventeen members. The club purchased gifts for three new babies.

There is more pep and interest than ever and we hope to do more in 1954.