Hitchcock Club
On February 14, 1939 at the home of Mrs. D. D. Heasel at Hitchcock, a club was organized with Miss Ola Armstrong, Home Demonstration Agent assisting.

TOP ROW: Neufield, Ehrlich, Laubach, Meier, Mrs. Ted O'Meier, and Redden

BOTTOM ROW: York, Scheffler, Meier, Winters, and Loewen

Twelve members were enrolled with lines of work as follows: Dairying, Yard Improvement, Living Room, and Adult Clothing.

Community project was to help with the Needy families of the surrounding community, cooperate with all drives, and to help sponsor a 4-H Club member, Dorothy Heasel to the Club Congress.

A tour of the U.S. Gypsum Company at Southatrd was sponsored the following fall on October 10 for members of the club.

Mrs. Ted O'Meier, Mrs. Nick Beckloff and Mrs. D.D. Heasel were committee members that year.

In 1940 the club added 1 more member, all members attended Farm and Home Week at Stillwater.

A club float was entered at the Blaine County Fair in September. Pins were purchased by the Home Demonstration Club for the 4-H Club members.

In 1941 the club still had a total of 11 members, with Mrs. Ted O'Meier as Secretary. It was with the help of Miss Maudie Thompson, Home Demonstration Agent that the various lines of work were introduced to the club members: Learning to Live Together, Clothing, Food Preparation, and Home Garden.

An achievement Tea was held at Halloween at the home of Mrs. Nick Beckloff with 50 guests present.

That year Mrs. Harold Winters and Mrs. Mike Ehrlich joined the club.

1942, Mrs. Dick York became a new member of the Club. Lines of work for that year were: Food Supply, School Age Child, Adult Clothing, and Farm Flock Management. The club helped the Red Cross and a War Bond was bought for the club.

A style review was held, with 6 members entering in the Cotton Dress class.

1943, the monthly meetings were held once a month, with the lines of work pertaining to war productions. The community project was helping Needy Families, assisting with Red Cross, and to purchase War Bonds.

In 1944 the enrollment was increased to 15 members, with the lines of work being the following, Victory Food, Family Life, Conservation of Clothing, Home Management. The years work was completed with an Achievement Tea being held at the home of Mrs. Dick York.

In 1945, the enrollment was increased again, with Mrs. Oscar Redden as a new member. The Community project was to help sponsor the Hitchcock Fair.

1946, the club started the year with the following lines of work: Clothing, Home Management, Family Life and Foods and Nutrition.

Community Project was to help with Needy Families and to sponsor the Nitchcock Community Fair.

An achievement Tea was held in the Girl Reserve Room with a large attendance.

In 1947, Yard Improvement was added to the lines of work. The club members assisted with the 4-H Club, and a complete budget was entered at the Blaine County Fair with the Canning Exhibit having 6 First, 4 Seconds, and 2 Thirds.

Money was donated to the Woodward Tornado Relief Fund and the Club assisted in the Red Cross Drive.

In 1948, Poultry was added to the lines of work, with 12 members being enrolled. A 4-H club party was sponsored, Achievement Tea was held and a Box Supper was held to help raise money to help assist with the Community Fair.

The Home Demonstration Club sponsored the 12th annual Mother and Daughter Banquet with 90 guests present.

1949, enrollment was increased to 15 members, with Mrs. Clarence Laubach of the Centralia Club enrolling. The Club gave the Home Demonstration Scholarship to Danald Hauser to attend College at Stillwater.

1950, the lines of work remained the same, 4-H Club, and the Hitchcock Community Fair being the project of the year.

A covered dish luncheon was held at the home of Mrs. Harold Meier.

Complete budget at the Blaine County Fair, with the following at the State Fair in clothing, 2 First, 3 Seconds, 2 Thirds. An achievement Tea was held and the annual Mother and Daughter Party.

In 1951 an Achievement Tea was held at the Catholic Hall with 4 out of town clubs as guests.

1952, the year was closed with the annual Mother and Daughter party being held with the theme based on The Feed Sack Cinderella Style Show. The club served several sales and the Fat Stock Show at Watonga. Community projects remain the same, Fair and 4-H Club. At the present time the club has 12 members, with Mrs. Ted O'Meier remaining the only charter member.