Helping Hand Club
December 14 1922, Mrs. Vera Carding, County Agent met a group of farm women at the home of Mrs. Elizabeth Musz to organize a farm women's club. Mrs. E. Musz, F. Brinker, L. Hollander, J. Weinmeister, H. Beisel, A. Johanesmeyer, L. George, L. Hoffman, C. Marshik, G. Johnson, E. Webber, G. Herman, R. Ritz, E. Brickman, L. Pfaff, J. Scott, L. Laubach signed as members. They chose as their motto "Get all You Can and Can All You get"; color chosen was blue and white, flower chosen was the carnation.

To earn money to carry on their work they served pie, sandwiches and coffee at coyote hunts and public sales, making $17.45.

In club work they made dress forms for three members. Had the first pressure cooker domonstration they had seen, where navy beans were cooked in thirty minutes. Three cookers were sold. September 11, 1923 they took first prize of $20.00 in general club work and second for flour sack exhibit at Okeene Community Fair. All emmbers kept account of milk, cream, butter and eggs sold, and chickens raised and sold. That year they cured 2400 lbs. of meat.

Officers of the Helping Hand Home Demonstration Club held candlelight installation services during their meeting in the Beckloff home. Officers installed are Mrs. Archie Weber, President; Mrs. Beckloff, Vice-President; Mrs. Vernon E. Wilson, Secretary and Mrs. Wilbur Silks, Reporter.


In 1924 and 1925 their work was butchering, meat canning, soap making, nursing and the selection of clothing. Mrs. Bochr, dairy specialist from Stillwater gave a demonstratin on milk testing for the benefit of the Homemakers, Hopeful and Helping Hand Clubs. Clyde Ingram and Mr. Rapp gave a demonstration on poultry diseases, grading eggs and caponizing chickens. In July of 1926 they went to Stillwater and put on a Pagent and brought home the cup awarded to the Northwest District.

In 1927 Miss Ola Armstrong came to us as Copunty Demonstratin Agent in answer to a petition earlier presented to the County Commissioners asking for a permanent demonstration agent.

Years passed, old members dropped out and new ones came in to take their places. Members took their share of prizes at the Okeene Community, County and State Fairs. Emergency chests were kept filled at the Okeene and Holcomb hospitals. We organized the Red Cross Unit at Okeene. We knitted and sewed for the Red Cross having 120 hours to our credit. We sent two navy bags of warm clothing for overseas relief, 69 lbs. for World Church relief, bought two bonds, sent four boxes to Bert Webber for distribution in Korea, made two wool afghans for veterans in hospitals, wrapped and sent gifts to veterans, four times during the year we have made and sent clothing to the Crippled Children's Hospital. We joined the Sunshine and Hopeful Clubs in holding health clinics and making curtains for the Okeene Community Building. One of our members served as instructor at Canning School sponsored by the government. Two of our members assisted the 4-H work. Mrs. Geo. Johnson and Mrs. Libby Pfaff were these two ladies. Mrs. Pfaff has received a reward for 15 years of service to the 4-H work. We donated $10.00 to the Library Fund. We also donated every year to the Red Cross, March of Dimes, 4-H Clubs. Our Community project was the Walking Blood Bank. We have helped the Chamber of Commerce with the Whea-esta and Community Fairs. We have given three scholarships to three of our young people of our community.

We have assisted at the achievement day meetings. Attended County and District meetings and took part in all County meetings assigned to us. We have sent flowers and cards to the sick, served dinners to bereaved members and sent floral sprays, bought two sets of silverware for the Public School Lunch Room. Each member made a tea towel for the new kitchen at the Legion Memorial Bulding. We assisted four needy families, nine members went to Enid and spent the day with our member Mrs. Chas. Elwonger, we also had the honor of having Mrs. Johanaemeyer, a charter member as our guest. Each brought a covered dish, the day was spent in remembering other meeting of the past. Three of our members have celebrated their golden weddings in which we have given gifts. Every year we have had picnics, Christmas Parties and Secret Pals. We now are having galloping breakfasts to raise our funds. We have painted, stained, papered and waxed ad polished; upholtered furniture, made new drapes, sheets, pillow cases, tea towels, quilts and spreads, and new dresses, coats and suits and made over every thing we could get our hands on until is was dangerous to take your coat or hat off in our homes. We have canned, preserved, pickled and frozen enough for Cox's army. Still we go on canning all we can get our hands on.

One of our members has served as president five years, secretary five years, vice-president two years, treasurer one year and reporter two years. She has only missed seventeen meetings since joining the club in 1928. I call that a good record don't you? Mrs. Moody has that honor.

Mrs. Libby Pfaff was a Charter member of the club and is still a member.

Through the years our membership has been 16 or 18. Young women have joined and moved away but others have joined in their places. These that have left us are now scattered over the United States but we hope that the time which they spent with us has been helpful to them in their homes wherever they are and that their motto is till to "Get all they can and can all they get".

Our projects for the year were getting old and new books for the Okeene Library, which is needed very badly by the public. A number of books were collected to be put in the Library, we also sponsored the Cancer Drive, Mrs. Beckloff was elected chairman.

We had two outstanding achievements, first we made 21 pairs of Scuff for the Veterans Home at Will Rogers Hospital, and we had a food sale which netted $30.00 the money was given to the Okeene Band for uniform, caps or music.

Mrs. Archie Weber, President
Mrs. Nick Beckloff, Vice-President
Mrs. Vernon Wilson, Sec and Treas
Mrs. Wilbur Silke, Reported

Mrs. A. C. Barth
Mrs. Nick Beckloff
Mrs. John Farhar
Mrs. Dave Fitzgerald
Mrs. Paul Fry
Mrs. Louie Green
Mrs. Lawerence Guthrie
Mrs. R. H. Holbrook
Mrs. H. J. Lilley
Mrs. Charley Meyers
Mrs. Arthur Meyers
Mrs. I A. Moody
Mrs. C. A. Richardson
Mrs. Wilbur Silke
Mrs. Nellie Smith
Mrs. Archie Weber
Mrs. Willie Weber
Mrs. Fred Weisner
Mrs. Vernon Wilson
mrs. Harold Mechem
Mrs. Alex Winters
Mrs. Ed Pfaff

Mrs. Harold Meachem giving a mending demonstration at the Okeene Sunshine Club, which was later given over television, Cooks Book, WKY