Go-Forth Farmerettes
On February 15, 1952 a group of ladies met in the home of Mrs. Chas. Berry for the purpose of organizing a Home Demonstration Club. Among these were Miss Maudie Thompson, County Home Demonstration Agent, Mrs. Kate Smith, County Good Neighbors Committee, Mrs. Pearl Burns from the Go-Forth Farmerettes, with fourteen charter members.

Officers elected today were Mrs. Chas. Berry, President, Mrs. Ted Daughty, Vice-President and Mrs. Paul Durham, Secretary and Treasurer.

These charter members were Mrs. Jack Helm, Mrs. Bert Miles, Mrs. Doyle Burns, Mrs. Keith Burns, Mrs. Chas. Berry, Mrs. Roy Burns, Mrs. Ted Daughty, Mrs. Paul Durham, Mrs. Fred Garrett, Mrs Earl Garrett, Mrs. Otto Nicolai, Mrs. Chas. Plummer, Mrs. Ralph Williams, and Mrs. Noah Williams.

Although the year was well under way by the time we were completely organized, we were proud of our accomplishments. We had no major projects for this year, but we did help sponsor the Blood Bank, 4-H Club and donated to Bennett Memorial Fund.

In our homes, two houses were remodeled, three septic tanks installed and electricity went to six homes. Six pieces of furniture were upholstered; four rugs made and 425 garments completed, 1200 lbs. meat frozen, eighteen trees planted, 10 members and 15 others had health examinations; four books; 100 bulletins; and 50 articles on family life were read. Twenty teenage problems were solved.

Our money raising projects consisted of serving lunch at a public sale and on food sale.

Our social activities were a pot-luck supper; a weiner roast and an ice cream social.

We organized in time to make the tour to Oklahoma City with the others from Blaine County. This made by chartered bus and the places visited were WKY Radio and TV stations, The Capitol and Historical Buiding and the Governor's Mansion.

Some of our charter members dropped and new joined; we now have a membership of fifteen members.

Mrs. Chas. Berry


Our club project for 1953 was the two rural cemeteries in our community.

The Etna cemetery being in fair condition required a small amount of work compared with the Richland plot.

This cemetery, through the help, contributions and co-operation of the club with friends and relatives, was fenced with new cresote posts, a woven wire fence with two barbed wires and a double gate with the name of the cemetery placed above the gate.

Some old trees were removed and other wild shrub brush was grubbed out.

This work having been done near Memorial Day, the club held a meeting one nite at the school house when the community was invited to make flowers to be used on the unattended graves Memorial Day. The meeting was well attended and a lot of flowers were made.

The club plans to continue with the project for 1954 and get markers for the unmarked graves with the unused portion of the funds.

Outstanding Club Achievement

We have completed 353 garments, stored 4066 pounds of frozen meat, planted 5 trees, 7 members have had health exams, 33 bulletins read, 42 articles on family life, 5 teen age problems solved, 2 houses have been remodled, 1 septic tanks installed and 10 pieces of furniture reupholstered.

Club Officers and members for 1953
Mrs. Charles Plummer, President
Mrs. Noah Williams, Vice-President
Mrs. Nelson Burns, Secretary
Mrsw. Sarah William, Reporter
Mrs. Marie Doughty, Treasurer

Doris Barringer
Beulah Berry
Blanch Burns
Gladys Burns
Fern Garrett
Imogene Gepner
Louise Helm
Ella Nicolai
Edna Williams
Jo Ella Gepner
Irene Ice