County Council Program
Friday, October 14, 1955

Group Singing -- Mrs. Gene Strader, Song Leader
Mrs. Fred Erlenmaier, Pianist

Devotional -- Mrs. Herman Laubach, Okeene Sunshine Club

Opening Number--------Homestead Modernettes Club

Creed--------Mrs. Ralph Brickman, Vice-President

Roll Call

Reading of Minutes --------- Mrs. L.S. Ott, Co. Secretary

Treasurer's Report ----------- Mrs. Charles Plummer, Co. Treas.

Historian's Report ----------- Mrs. Nick Beckloff, Co. Historian

Committee Reports, Clothing - Mrs. D. G. Meier, Jr.
Family Life - Mrs. J. C. Wiley
Foods & Nutrition - Mrs. Clemon Clewell
Home Management - Mrs. Dennie Folwy
Yard Improvement - Mrs. Bob Nitzel
Health - Mrs. H. L. Meyers
Library - Mrs. William Hanks
4H Club - Mrs. L. O. Widney
Good Neighbor - Mrs. Henry Weigand
Citizenship & Civil Defense - Mrs. Ray Diamond
Tour - Mrs. William Hanks
Fair Building - Mrs. Pete Bailey

Business: Selection of 1956 Program - Mrs. Ralph Brickman

Buyology - Improving Your Shopability
Mr. R. V. Frye, Manager and owner of Frye's Fine Fabrics in Stillwater and Ponca City

Closing Number - Rainbow Home Dem. Club