Carlton Home Demonstration Club
The Carlton Home Demonstration Club was organized November 29th, 1950 with ten charter members, Mrs. B. O. Cavett, Mrs. Will Stott, Mrs. Leroy Stott, Mrs. Alec Jeffrey, Mrs. James L. Haigler, Blanche West, Mrs. C. R. Haigler, Blanche West, Mrs. C. R. Haigler, Mrs. Chas. Knight, Mrs. Will Haigler, and Mrs. Mary Arnold. Two others, Mrs. Harold Haigler and Mrs. George Haigler, joined soon after.

The first meeting was held in Carlton in the Friendly Neighbors Club House.

At the first meeting the following officers were elected, Mrs. Will Haigler, President, Mrs. Jeffrey, Vice President and Mrs. James L. Haigler, Secretary. Mrs. J. L. Haigler later resigned and Carol Schreiner was our secretary for the first year.

During the first year it was voted to make the old Broadview Schoolhouse into a community center and the Carlton Club took it over as their project in 1951. The building is located two south and one-half mile west of Carlton.

The building was built during the WPA program and is built of native stone. The interior needed a great deal of cleaning repairs, etc.

Since the club took over, the building has been wired for electricity, all the walls cleaned and painted, the floors cleaned and the old fashioned coal heater replaced with an oil heater. The well has been fixed and we have plenty of good water. We have installed a good piano and fixed over the cloak room for a kitchen with nice linoleum, kerosene range, cupboard, dishes and silver. Varnished benches have replaced the old school desks and new curtains were hung. An electric hot plate and forty cup coffee urn have been added and we have to give thanks to the Friendly Neighbor's Club for all the help given so graciously in obtaining these things.

We continued to take the building as our project thru '52 and '53 and have raised funds for the different things thru cake walks, selling chances on dishes, food sales, selling extracts etc. The building has been a source of enjoyment for the entire community. Many social events, square dances, parties and entertainment of all sorts have been enjoyed by the entire community, which makes our club song "Help Somebody Today" realistic.

During '53 we plan to improve the grounds and add different articles to the building for the enjoyment of the community. We have sponsored monthly parties for the young people for '53.

The officers elected for '52 were President, Mrs. C. A. Knight, Vice President, Mrs. Will Haigler, Secretary, Mrs. C. R. Haigler, Reporter, Wanda Stott.

District Meeting at El Reno

Clay Potts serving lunch


Our club project has been making a clubhouse out of the Broadview school house. Along with the Friendly Neighbors Club we have accomplished a great deal. We have a pretty well equipped kitchen, with an electric coffee urn, serving dishes, stove and some cooking utensils. We have nicely varnished benches that would seat about fifty people and extra folding chairs for extra seating - the walls are a soft print and the lighting is good.

We have contributed to the various drives and have endeavored to promote neighborliness and friendship in ours and other communities. Our club members have been sincere, in their endeavor to do the things that Home Demonstration work stands for.

I have likened our club to a flower garden with Mina Nippert as the little forget me not, Emma Barrows as the black-eyed susan with her happy smile. Lillian Byers as the tall stately lily with all its grace; Marcha Knight, as the pansy that stands for thoughtfulness; Verna Jeffrey as the rose with all her loving ways; Tillie Gerlach as the iris whose early flowers bring springs first bright blossoms, Myrtle Mae Haigler as the prim rose with all its lovliness; Grazella Cavett as the hyacinth with all its sweetness ad I'll take Mignonette from the old fashioned garden for mine. As the fragrance of the flowers I spread in the garden, we hope our friendliness good-will will spread in our community.

Mrs. Will Haigler, Pres, 1955