Better Homes Club
The Better Homes Club was organized in July 1949, at the home of Mrs. Homer Heaton. Miss Thompson was absent at the time and Mrs Fred Earlenmier and Mrs. Woolsie Lewis came to help organize.

Charter members were; Mrs. Fred Griffin, Mrs. Paul Hursh, Mrs. Vern Collier, Mrs. Chas. Shawver, and Mrs. Homer Heaton.

Officers elected for the remainder of the year were; Mrs. Fred Griffin, president, Mrs. Chas. Shawver, vice-president, Mrs. Paul Hursh, secretary-treasurer.

It was planned at that time to have a member demonstration at each meeting, and that has been carried out in our club up until this time. The club meets once a month on the second Wednesday of each month. We have tried to keep our club membership up to twelve members. We have not always been able to accomplish this but that is our aim. Our members mostly live in town and they move away and we lose them.

Our club has always given to all drives and our projects are connected with the churches and schools.

We always have an exhibit at the county fair and our canning budget has been in the blue ribbon class since the beginnning of our club.

Since Better Homes has such a limited number of members, we select no club project, but insteaad help when we are asked in all community and church projects.

Our outstanding club achievement for 1953 was the supervision of stands, where food was sold at the county fair. Our share of the profits, were then turned in on equipment for the new home demonstration kitchen in the fair building. Officers
President, Mrs. Homer Heaton
Vice-President Mrs. Snow Kerr
Secretary Mrs. Buck Pierce
Reporter Mrs. Wallace Shakelee

Mrs. Clemon Clewell
Mrs. Fred Giffin
Mrs. Paul Hursh
Mrs. Wallace Shaklee
Mrs. Nelson Robinson